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David Tobias

An Independent Non-Government Firm Specializing in Tax Reductions and Refunds

David Tobias, CPA, founded in 2001 and currently is the CEO of JDAD, Inc. a property tax consulting firm that provides a holistic evaluation of real estate taxes in order to facilitate a reduction in taxes or recovery of past taxes for property owners.  Mr. Tobias also was a risk arbitrageur in association with SDG, Inc. an independent trading firm from. He managed and traded a multi-million dollar portfolio of spreads related to company’s mergers and classes of stock. From 1981 to 2001 Mr. Tobias was CFO and COO of Oroco Manufacturing, Inc. and President of Dennis Lampert Design, LTD. In 2012 Mr. Tobias help found Greens & Gills, the very first licensed Indoor Aquaponics farm in the city of Chicago, which supplied leafy green produce to local wholesalers and grocery chains.

 Mr. Tobias has extensive experiences in systems development and management in accounting, administrative, sale, product development and manufacturing operations. Mr. Tobias has been responsible for attaining and negotiating million dollar loans, grants, labor agreements and sale contracts.

Mr. Tobias received with Honors a B.A., Business/Accounting, from the University of Wisconsin, Madison in 1980, that same year he passed on his first sitting the Certified Public Accounting Exam. Mr. Tobias also is Total Quality Management Certified.

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