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Andrew Gottlieb

Andrew Gottlieb, a property tax consultant and refund specialist, has worked for over ten years with CPTRS.  He has experience with over 4000 clients and has recovered over $10million dollars in total refunds for residential homeowners in Cook County.  He finds satisfaction in education and recovering money that is owed to Cook County homeowners.  His temperament is known as independent, entrepreneurial, and self-starting, evident throughout his professional career. 

Prior to his endeavors as a property tax consultant, he started a unique business involving his interest in dogs and small business.  The creation was a self-service dog was called Laund-ur-mutt. 

His ongoing need to help people resolve simple or complex predicaments in their personal or professional life is what drives him.  He looks forward to assisting any homeowner that is interested in an audit of their property tax bill.



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