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“Thanks for a job well done. I trust you.”

Dennis Burl
Chicago, Illinois

“I was very skeptical at first, but I am glad I used County Property Refund Specialists services they got me back a refund of $700.”

Kevin Linde
Chicago, Illinois

“County Property Tax Refund Specialists educated me on how to avoid paying too much taxes in the future.”

Edwin Verceles
Skokie, Illinois

“You can trust County Property Tax Refund Specialists, everything they said about my tax refund and what they would do was the truth.”   

Sherry Skold                                                                            

Tinley Park, Illinois

“County Property Tax Refund Specialists were professional and informative and helped me recover over $3,000.”

Dallas McKinley
Chicago, Illinois

“It's good to have guys who care. Everything you told me about my refund was true. I'm glad that I took up your proposition.”

Albert Anderson
Chicago, Illinois