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Why does this happen?


Calculating property tax bills is a very complex process.  There are many factors that affect your final tax bill amount.  Your tax bill involves length of ownership, assessed value, 7% factor, state multiplier, exemptions, base years, income, age, townships, neighborhoods, and tax rate just to name a few.  Also, many people are involved in this complex process, so it can be expected and is understandable why these errors and inaccuracies occur.


Are there any upfront fees?

What amount can you expect?

It varies dramatically, from hundreds of dollars to thousands of dollars.  We Even had clients who have received over twenty thousand dollars each by using our Refund    Solution  .

There are NO upfront or fixed charges.  We only charge based on our performance, a percentage of what money we get back for you.  If we are unable to get you a refund (our success rate is greater than 90%) then it costs you absolutely nothing!  We call this “Pay For Performance”.


     Live in

Cook County?


Use our

You may be entitled to a property tax refund!

The great thing about the Refund    Solution   is its flexibility.  Since we use independent representatives one of them will be able to meet with you when and where it is most convenient for you.

What happens if I’m busy?